Relationships come in all forms. Many people have had to learn to love and build a life with someone who is not in the same location. These long-distance relationships could have been the result of meeting online, temporary separation due to work and study commitments, meeting someone overseas, or having a partner who’s in the military. Couples can find themselves in a long-distance relationship whether they are married or still just dating.

It is important to note that not every long-distance relationship is destined to be hard and unsuccessful. If both partners are committed and willing to put in the work, many of these relationships flourish. As long as couples are creative and keep open communication, the time apart will not be so lonely or daunting.

Long-Distance Relationship Tips

Below are some tips to keep and or deepen the connection between two people who love each other but can’t be together physically:

Go old school.

In the world of digital communication, it can be a welcome surprise to go old school and write letters to each other or send gifts via slow mail. The personal touch that comes with letter writing can deepen a couple’s connection and open avenues to anticipation of the next letter.

Share as much as possible.

Sharing experiences while away can help a couple keep up to date with what is happening in each other’s life. This can be done by taking pictures of important events or locations specifically for one’s partner to share. Wherever possible, video call while experiencing something the both of you love.

Communicate boundaries and expectations.

Clear and upfront communication about boundaries and expectations can go a long way in safeguarding long-distance relationships. Boundaries and expectations set the tone of the relationship and both parties come to it aware of what is possible.

Show up.

Though showing up in person can be difficult at times, it does not mean that one cannot show up for important events that happen in their partner’s life. These could be times of celebration for a huge achievement or being there as a comfort during difficult times. Being consistent in making oneself available for the other fosters a sense of trust and security that any relationship needs.

Resolve conflict.

Conflict is a given in any relationship. When there are times of disagreement, commit to resolving them promptly and with understanding and compassion. Usually, people in long-distance relationships shy away from tackling issues as they might feel it would put a strain on an already difficult setup.

Maintain your sense of independence.

In a long-distance relationship, the temptation is to make life about that relationship. It is important to pursue other interests individually thus avoiding loneliness, enmeshment, and codependency. If both of you grow individually you will have more to bring to the table.

Make use of technology.

As much as you can, take advantage of all that technology has to offer in terms of communication and sharing your life. Many apps make it possible to be creative in how you choose to communicate and show up for your significant other.

Christian couples counseling

With technology, it is now possible to seek help when you and your loved one need support. We have online counseling services that are available for couples in long-distance relationships. This is not only for when things go wrong but also if you need help in deepening your love and connection.

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