Christian Group Counseling

Having others to come alongside you when you are going through tough times and having others who understand what you are going through can make all the difference. Christians are called to help others who are struggling, and this is what Christian group counseling in Irvine is about.

If you need a support network of people who know and understand what you are experiencing, then Christian group counseling in Irvine might be for you.

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Christian group counseling provides an opportunity to connect with others who may be experiencing similar issues. The goals of Christian group counseling generally fall under the category of process goals or outcome goals. Process goals relate to the internal functions of the group, while outcome goals relate to each member’s progress.

Process goals include:

  • Comfort for each group member
  • Open communication
  • Healthy confrontation skills
  • Solid listening skills

Outcome goals include:

  • Improved social skills
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Developing skills to manage negative emotions and behaviors
  • Overcoming symptoms related to the focus area of the group
  • Learning to connect to self, others, and God

The group counselors at Irvine Christian Counseling aim to create a safe place where each person can thrive, even after the group counseling ends.

Group counseling at Irvine Christian Counseling provides a place for people to get what they need to make a full recovery through the care and support of the other group members. One should expect to find non-judgmental support, compassion, and effective tools for recovery.

It is common and normal to be nervous about group counseling; however, most people become more comfortable after they get to know the counselor and the group.

It is typical to meet with your counselor one-on-one before you meet the group, which will provide you an opportunity to discuss what you hope to get out of the group therapy. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and express any concerns.

Group counseling employs a variety of techniques, depending on the group’s focus area of the group. Group counseling is ultimately centered on the client and has a high degree of flexibility, depending on the group’s needs. The group will typically meet with the counselor in a private room, seated in a circle to promote good communication.

Most groups at Irvine Christian Counseling meet once each week for 1-2 hours. Some groups will continue for longer periods, while others meet for a specified period.

If you think that group counseling might be for you and would like to learn more about which groups we have available at Irvine Christian Counseling, please call us or contact us online.

Irvine Christian Counseling

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