2303, 2022

Do I Have Trust Issues? An Important Conversation for Men

Broken promises can wound us and make us wary of future promises not only from the person who broke their word but other people as well. If someone lies to us and we find out about it, believing that person becomes an uphill struggle, and we could become skeptical or downright cynical of others. As a result, trust issues could easily develop. Life leaves its mark on us, and we all carry scars of one kind or another from our [...]

1711, 2021

Sustainable Self-Care Ideas to Improve Your Wellbeing

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly trendy to talk about self-care. This is especially true for people whose work or lifestyle puts them in positions where it is hard to take time for themselves, whether because they work long, exhausting hours, or because they are home with children all day and can’t seem to get a meaningful break. Also, let’s be honest with our current times. COVID-19 has added additional stressors on top of everything else in [...]

1211, 2021

How to Forgive Someone: Biblical Guidance on Forgiveness

Have you ever been asked to do something that seemed impossible? How did you respond to the challenge? Sometimes in life, we face situations that take us to our limits and beyond. The sort of people we are – our character – shows in those moments. Though we may fail in the attempt, being willing to give something a go has great value. If we are familiar with what the Bible says about living a life that is rooted in [...]

208, 2021

Group Therapy Versus Individual Therapy

Life has its difficulties. When you go through tough times and you’re dealing with issues as diverse as grief, substance abuse, trauma, divorce, an eating disorder, depression, marital discord, addiction, anxiety, anger, or abandonment, it’s never a bad idea to reach out for help when you need it. One avenue for that help is therapy. For many, taking that step to seek out a therapist or counselor to address any number of questions or issues is a bold and necessary [...]

2907, 2021

Married Life: The Mystery, the Magic, and the Mundane

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord,” says Proverbs 18:22. Married life is a joy and a blessing. Sharing that most intimate of human relationships is indeed finding what is good and receiving favor from the Lord. As humans, we are wired to relate to others, including in the context of a marriage. When God created us, we were fashioned in God’s image: “So God created man in his own image, in [...]

2207, 2021

Creating a Healthy Daily Routine

Life in the 21st Century is fast-paced and often unrelenting. We’re always connected via our devices, and that is a blessing and a challenge. With an ocean of information available to us at the push of a button, we can catch up on what’s happening halfway across the world over our breakfast cereal or morning commute. It can get a bit overwhelming, and so one of the skills that help us manage our lives is the ability to schedule and [...]

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