Christian Marriage Counseling

Marriage is the union of two sinful people, and whenever two sinners come together in holy matrimony, we can expect problems to arise from time to time. If these can be dealt with properly, a greater degree of love and intimacy can result. When they are left unresolved, however, relationships can decline until they reach a real crisis point.

The Christian marriage counselors at Irvine Christian Counseling help you work through your relationship issues before things get out of hand. If your marriage appears to be on the brink of disaster, consider Christian marriage counseling in Irvine, California. We are here to bring healing and hope.

How can Christian marriage counseling in Irvine help you?

Christian counseling can help you save your marriage. The counselors at Irvine Christian Counseling are skilled at couples counseling and are committed to helping you thrive in your marriage. We offer custom treatment plans that focus on the specific needs of your relationship. While every relationship is different, couples generally have similar goals for their marriage.

Christian marriage counseling focuses on:

  • Healthy conflict resolution

  • Effective communication

  • Open statement of needs

  • Working through difficult issues

  • Understanding and appreciating your spouse

  • Goal setting

  • Restoration of intimacy and trust

  • Spiritual connection increased faith

The Christian counselors in Irvine are highly trained professionals and make use of a variety of counseling methods to help you work through your problems.

If your relationship is on the rocks or divorce is looming on the horizon, call us today and let us help you work through the problem. With God’s help, we can work with you to put the pieces of your relationship back together. At Irvine Christian Counseling, we have helped all kinds and ages of couples to find healing and hope. No problem is too small or too large to be overcome with Christ.