1204, 2021

Striving Toward Personal Development at Work

When we embark upon a career, few of us want to remain in the same place until we retire. While we might continue to do the same job, we want to increase our levels of responsibility, make a difference through our profession, and be able to meet our needs while finding some level of fulfillment and personal development and growth from our work. Increasingly, though, people are finding themselves changing jobs more often, or having multiple jobs at the same [...]

104, 2021

What Does the Bible Say About Marriage? 6 Truths from God’s Word

Have you ever wondered, "What does the Bible say about marriage?" If so, this article is for you. In the beginning, when the world was young and harmony reigned, God blessed the first marriage, between Adam and Eve. After Adam was created, there was nothing in the creation like him, and God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone”. God created and brought Eve to Adam. Created in God’s image and Adam’s equal, Eve was “bone [...]

3103, 2021

Effects of Childhood Trauma

We know childhood affects us as adults, but we may be unaware of the extent to which this is true. Childhood trauma, whether you know about it or not, may be impacting you or someone you love in ways you don’t realize. Identifying trauma symptoms and finding healing can make an immense difference in your life today. Trauma isn’t something we want to spend a lot of time thinking about, but it’s a vital topic to consider, not just for [...]

2402, 2021

11 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

Many marriages will end when one feels the other does not love them anymore or does not love them how they need. People will say that they have “fallen out of love” with their spouses, or maybe they are exhausted from giving so much love but not receiving enough love in return. Even though love in marriage is about giving and receiving love (not just one or the other), it is often the culprit behind extramarital affairs, separation, and divorce. [...]

2202, 2021

The Hidden Hurt: Signs of Physical and Mental Abuse

The lasting effects of childhood physical and mental abuse can take their toll on adult survivors. Learning to recognize the signs of maltreatment will enable you to step in and assist a child in need. However, children are not only the only targets for abuse. Spouses and elderly parents are often victims of domestic violence. If you are an adult survivor of abuse, there is hope. You can find treatment to help you cope with the painful memories and negative [...]

1802, 2021

5 Practical Tips for Dealing with Workaholics

If you love someone who works too many hours, then is preoccupied with work while off the clock, they may be a workaholic. This problem has far-reaching consequences that can slowly wear down your relationship. However, you can get practical help in dealing with workaholics from a Christian counselor. Workaholic Definition A person may be a workaholic if he or she has a compulsion to work longer hours than what is considered normal for his or her profession. Compulsive behavior [...]

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